Composer of original symphonic orchestrations. Thirty of my compositions were played at a concert in Tokyo, Bunkakaikan Hall. In the years following, my compositions were performed live on the radio by the Japanese Broadcasting Company and by various soloists in their recitals.
Burton Foreman - Author, Teacher, Composer.

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The Way of the Lotus

Hello and welcome to my web site. My name is Burton Foreman. Friends, neighbors and associates usually just call me Burt. I'm a author of a new book that is out, "The Way of the Lotus ". You can read more about this book and another by clicking on the Author link on the left.

I am also composer of classical music. I lived in Japan for many, many years where I taught English in a university. For the first five years I lived with a Japanese family. It was there I learned the language and its history.

My vivacious, widowed Japanese mother, whom I later wrote a novel about, had been a middle school history teacher. After dinner it was she and I who enacted scenes of ancient Japanese heroes, the lives of famous samurai with a broom as a sword and, above all, the antics of Ninja, our faces covered with a tea towel, jumping from one room to the other...all to the amusement of my Japanese brothers. I wrote a children’s book about ninja, called “Tracy Barton and the Ninja Secret Formulas,” available on That’s the reason for the Ninja characters in this site.

I have devoted my life to the arts, music and literature. Click on my Ninjas at the top on the left for navigating through my web site. Or, the the links below. I truly hope you enjoy your visit and please, feel free to contact me anytime. B. V. Foreman


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